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  • Wednesday, August 1, 2007
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  • Jennifer C. Jimenez
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    Jenn graduated cum laude, major in BS Business Administration from the University of the Philippines (Diliman). The university gave her opportunities to work with different companies in coming up with comprehensive marketing plans and had experienced different sales trainings and internship. 

    For concerns and inquiries, you may reach her at jencjimenez@yahoo.com/ jennifer.c.jimenez@gmail.com.

    *Note: Post dated earlier for chronological posting purposes. Blogger awaits the conferral of her degree by April 28, 2012 but was done with her studies effective October 2012.

    What Her Colleagues Say About Her:

    “Jennifer is a responsible, diligent and trustworthy teammate who can do what needs to be done.”
    -Alvaro Alfaro, BS Business Administration, University of the Philippines

    “Jen is very talkative in a smart kind of way, very responsible and diligent and is a good friend. Promise!”
    -Jacklyn Berne Salcedo, University of the Philippines

    “There’s nothing ordinary about Jenn—the way she speaks and delivers the lines, the way she gives life to words as if they’re alive, the way she brings herself.  She’s a sincere, sensitive and loving person. A magnificent writer, Jenn can lighten up the lives of every person she spoke with.”
    -Joyce Ann B. Asa, Certified Public Accountant

    “Endowed with brilliant ideas, a remarkable charm, unfathomable breadth of curiosity, an incredible self-esteem, and extremely hardworking cells – she’s the Jenn I have come to know.

    She always speaks [and writes] so well. Awash with clever ideas, she can quickly turn any conversation to an engaging discussion. She just knows exactly what to say every time. She’s a bank of interesting information!

    One thing about Jen that’s very impressive is her self-esteem, enthusiasm, initiative, and dedication. She knows exactly who she is and what she can do, yet she does not impede herself from exploring the world to broaden her skills. She plants sense of enjoyment in everything she does even if what she has to do gets beyond her comfort zone. She’s a pursuer; she does everything to accomplish goals. She gets things done on time, always. She can manage her time well and is very organized. She does not compete with others; she only competes with herself, thus she grows better and better everyday. What’s more, she knows how to deal with people well. A woman of fine principles, she can handle criticisms properly.

    What people probably don’t know about her is that she has a deep faith she brings along with her everywhere she goes. She stays honest in everything she does and isn’t afraid of showing her true self to everybody. She does things for Him first and then for her family. Aside from being a good follower of God and a good family member, Jen is an amazing friend, who will stick with you through the roller coaster of life, who will never run out of words just to cheer you up when you get low. She has touched many with her wit, zest, and affability. One day, I just know, Jen will be legendary.”

    -Ever I Nessa Hayuhay, College of Home Economics, University of the Philippines