Getting Your Words Across the World

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  • Tuesday, August 7, 2012
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  • Jennifer C. Jimenez
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  • The best way to predict the future is to create it.

    During the semestral break, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar about Creative and Social Media Advertising. I was stunned to meet Ricky Olivares, a journalist turned blogger. He is not into IT; he writes for Business Mirror and other newspapers for Sports News. He is also a journalism professor in Ateneo de Manila University. His girlfriend posts everything he writes in a blog.

    Before he knew it, he was already called by FIFA World Cup and Adidas (via mobile phone) to cover the FIFA World Cup Event and become Adidas endorser. He was the only journalist in the Philippines who was allowed the cover the mentioned sports event and the only journalist so far to be offered the opportunity of being Adidas shoes endorser.

    He told us that it is a good thing that his girlfriend posted his mobile phone number in the blog. He also blogged his travel in Singapore, aside from writing about it, he obtained a video of himself going and eating everywhere. After a week, he got a phone call from the Singapore government asking him to be their tourism ambassador. He got free airfare tickets, luxury hotel accommodation and eat-and shop-all-you-can itinerary with a limousine and chauffeur all provided by the Singapore government (great choice, Singapore).

    Sir Rick shared his secret-- passion. He is really into sports that he feels his Media/Press ID is a blessing. With that, he has the license to sneak in the athletes’ locker room and the front row of the auditorium or field. He said that a lot of people would tell that there’s no money in writing, “but if you are really good at it, writing pays well and fantastic”.

    For sports enthusiasts, you may visit Mr. Rick Olivares' blog and have fun with his sports news coverage.

    Another blogger who caught my attention was Laureen Uy, who used to be a University student. She set up her own fashion brand and online store in a Multiply site, StyleBreak or Break My Style, and now it’s fast becoming a cult. Today, it already has showrooms at Parkview Tower 2, Eastwood City,
    Libis, and at Duerr at The Collective in Malugay St., Makati. She is the model of her own fashion brand. After getting the attention of fashion community, she got offers to become ramp model. She is currently working as endorsers of several brands and a cast of the TV soap opera in ABS-CBN, My Binondo Girl. Fashionistas can go visit Laureen Uy's online shop for trendy outfits and accessories.

    I admire the guts that these bloggers have. In CBA, we were always taught to carve our own niche but it is really, really hard to do especially when we ourselves are still unsure of what to pursue. These bloggers were able to find their own spot and have the spotlights turn their way.

    Nowadays, people are more empowered to be heard. Especially in the urban city, there is easy access to social media which is a powerful tool in reaching the public. Sir Rick reminded the attendees that social media not only gives us capabilities, but responsibility as well. “Whatever you put online is your resume,” he added. He also shared that relevance is the key in getting the kind of attention we want from the right kind of audience that we are targeting.

    It is exciting to see how social media changes the landscape of the competition, especially in this generation. It is both amusing and inspiring to know that one’s future might be just several clicks away.